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Bev & Tom's newest book Adult Children of Divorced Parents: -Making Your Marriage Work- Resource Publications, Inc

"Divorce may liberate parents but it traps their sons and daughters for years."

Judith Wallerstein In
The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce
Hyperion, 2000.

It has been statistically proven that adult children of divorced parents have a high rate of divorce in their own marriages. Studies also show that they are at risk in other areas of life as well. Adult children of divorce, whom we fondly refer to as ACODP's, suffer more from depression and anxiety, have lower self-esteem, and tend to tolerate or exhibit more abuse and neglect in their relationships. continued...

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Common Characteristics of Adult Children of Divorced Parents or ACODPs click here

2002 Rodgers Christian Counseling
Institute for Soul Healing Love


Keys to Healing
The Divorce Wound

1. Awareness:
become aware of the ways that your parents divorce affected you and your dating or marriage relationships.

2. Deal with the pain that it caused:
face the struggles and see the patterns of being an ACODP.

3. Communicate:
be open with your partner and share the impact of your parents divorce with them.



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